it's a bit difficult to compare a heteronormative fictional duo to a real life couple. dan might be more like sherlock in the sense that both come off as assholes, they depend on 1 person and that is the only person who seems to tolerate them. but to compare them to a non-canon couple is like trying to see which one is harry potter and which one is draco malfoy. by his arrogant personality, dan would be draco.
The Sherlock and John thing. If the other anon is referring to what they said the other day on the radio, they were talking about cosplay, and while it isn't always based on looks I think the way they were talking about it mainly was focusing on appearances. Phil looks similar to L, Ash and Marshal Lee and, at a push, Sherlock and Dan looks like Light (I personally don't see the resemblance to the other characters put forwards but yeah) so i think it isn't a personality thing, purely aesthetics.
Do people think of Phil as Sherlock or John? I think phandom's so blinded by the idea that Phil's the dominant one and Dan sidekick that we ignore the mechanics of Sherlock/John! (Although mostly I agree eg. Phil is Ash and Dan is Pikachu.) Eg. one of the pair are more famous, rely on the other more than they care to admit, got to fame due to the other, are prone to breaking down, and can be a lil arrogant. Is that Dan or Sherlock!? IMO Phil is more of a John, but I wanna hear people's opinions

I don’t feel very passionate about this topic but sure




oh god, they look like chavs with those snapbacks


i definitely remember dan took down that friend list for a while. glad to see he's put it back up!
oh hey i found the tweet where phil talks about ads being removed. it was on his 'lick my soap' video bc he originally called it "naked dreams". it seems like they actually used to be more strict about stuff 'cause i think that would be fine now.... maybe it's bc there weren"t as many ppl advertising on youtube and the ones that were had strict rules?? idk. twitter(.)com/ amazingphil/ status/ 4372195455


I edited myself out of my photos with Dan and Phil because they looked so cute I just

dan’s face in the second gif omg