There was an error message that came up when he was doing his show.. he said that only he could see it.. so maybe that's why we can't see it?

Oh probably hmm

Phil's new liveshow is not available on younow :(

Waht did he private it directly after?

There is a radio show tomorrow cause last week they were talking about an easter themed Dan vs Phil


is there a radio show tomorrow tho? since it's easter sunday

Idk maybe phil will say in his live show?

youtube /watch?v=g-vKNwVx1AY new dan and phil interview!!


haha jokes on them cause is doing the liveshow in the appartment :')

So phil basically threw everyone off with that ‘in the north’ tweet hahaha cheeky

A few girls I follow on twitter have been at manchester station all afternoon, they're assuming dan and phil will go back today because of the radio show tomorrow. It's one thing to bump into them randomly and get a photo but to wait all day for them to show up somewhere is so creepy.

What if they come home tomorrow morning? They’re wasting their easter holiday :/

Oh man that last ask where you answered that they rent a house stay for longer than a week really hit me that it's so creepy that we know this much about them and their family lmao.

Well we got the info because phil has told us so :)

happy easter phantaray!!!

You too! (And everyone else)

oh god there are fangirls on twitter that are planning to go to the train station and wait there for dan and phil.. i honestly feel sorry for those two more than i feel sorry for myself when i have to walk to the shop and get bread. (i feel like twitter has been brought up a lot recently, hasn't it? sorry, they're just such an annoying bunch at certain times, i guess me and anothers can't help it.)

How do they know when they’re arriving even?